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B2V Documentation

B2V (Business-to-Verified) is a system for protecting organizations against impersonation attacks.

Impersonation attacks are a type of cyber threat where an attacker pretends to be a trusted entity to steal sensitive data, distribute malware, or bypass access controls. They are a significant concern in the realm of cybersecurity, as they exploit human vulnerabilities and can lead to severe consequences, including financial loss, reputational damage, and legal implications.

B2V consists of the following features to protect organizations against these threats:

  • Authenticating organizations to their users conversationally
  • Signing messages, links and information about an organization to prove their integrity and authenticity
  • Proving the ownership an organization's online identities (such as a website or social media)
  • Building a trust network by recommending and being recommended by other organizations

This documentation will show you how to integrate B2V into your organization's conversations and transactions.